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Weekly results

Saturday 02 November
4Ball Alliance

Winners: P Gronum, S Short, A Errington & G Boscombe 91 pts
Runners-up: M Mitchley, B Wabanie, H Louw & S Coleman 89 pts

Wednesday 06 ...
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Weekly results

Friday, 25 October
Comp IBS

Winner: Ann Galloway - 21pts
Runner-up: Gita Tuschardt - 19pts
3rd Place: Alan Proctor - 19pts

Saturday, 26 October
Comp 4-BBB ...
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Friday 10 September
No comp.

Saturday 11 September
4BBB Stableford
Winners: Bev McKenna & Tanya Lightley 51pts
Runners-up: Mark Hobbs & Jacques Mallerbe 50pts
3rd place: ...
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Weekly results

Saturday 07 September
Comp Medal

Over-all Winner: Errol Siebrits 68 nett
Best Gross: Johan Greeff 75 gross

A-Div Winner: Vincent Windvogel 73 nett
Runner-up: Ivan ...
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Friday 23 August
No comp.

Saturday 24 August
Winner: Errol Siebrits 39pts
Runner-up: Schalk Pienaar 39pts
3rd Place: Alan Flint 37pts
4th Place: Io January ...
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Who's been winning at the Club?

Friday 05 July
Comp IBS

Winner: Hendri vd Merwe 20 pts
Runner-up: Johan Greeff 20 pts
3rd Place: Chris Burger 18 pts
4th Place: Colin Vermeulen 18 pts

Saturday 06 ...
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Weekly results

Friday 14 June
Comp: IBS

Winner: Ricky van Aswegen 22pts
Runner-up: Janis Kockott 20pts
3rd Place: Stewart Blackstock ...
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Weekly results

Friday 07 June
Comp: IBS

Winner: Chris Burger 20pts
Runner-up: Enquin Le Roux 19pts
3rd Place: Glenn Moller 18pts
4th Place: Rob Ferrie ...
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Weekly results

Friday 24 May
Comp: IBS
Winner: Craig Bevan, 20pts
Runner-up: Alan Proctor, 19pts
3rd Place: Chris Burger, 19pts
4th Place: Ben Kriga, 17pts

Saturday 25 May
Comp: ...
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Weekly results

Friday 17 May
Comp: IBS

Winner: Janis Kockott, 21pts
Runner-up: Ronald Freebury, 21pts
3rd Place: Wikus Nienaber, 19pts
4th Place: Suzette du Preez, 18pts

Saturday ...
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Weekly results

Friday 10 May
Comp: IBS

Winner: Wikus Nienaber, 18pts
Runner-up: Glen Moller, 18pts
3rd Place: Vincent Windvogel, 18pts
4th Place: Johan Greeff, 18pts

Saturday 11 ...
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Friday 26 April
Comp IBS
Winner: Stuart Mathysen 20pts
Runner-up: Brian Roe 20pts
3rd Place: Rob Jackson 19pts
4th Place: Glenn Moller 19pts

Saturday 27 April
Comp ...
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Weekly results

Friday 05 April
Comp: 4 Ball Alliance

Winners: M May, L Herwels & N Michelson - 90pts
Runners-up: A Share, G Strybis, J Rautenbach & D van Jaarsveldt - 88pts
3rd Place: G ...
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Weekly results

Friday 29 March
Comp: IBS

Winner: Chris Vile, 20pts
Runner-up: Linden Herwels, 19pts
3rd Place: Staurt Matthysen, 18pts
4th Place: Rob Ferrie, 18pts

Saturday 30 ...
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Weekly results

Friday 22 March
Comp: IBS

Winner: Anne Parker, 19pts
Runner-up: Krisjan Leen, 17pts
3rd Place: Hendry vd Merwe, 17pts
4th Place: Ivan Palframan, 16pts

Saturday 23 & ...
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Friday, 15 March
Comp IBS

Winner: Chris Burger 20pts
Runner-up: Stuart Matthysen 20pts
3rd Place: Pippa Greenwood 19pts
4th Place: Krisjan Leen 19pts

Saturday 16 ...
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Who's been winning at the club?

Friday 08 March
Comp: IBS

Winner: Zack de Beer - 21pts
Runner-up: Johan Greeff - 20pts
3rd Place: Wayne Moodien - 19pts
4th Place: Stuart Matthysen - 19pts

Saturday ...
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Chris Dixon ends the year on a high

On Sunday 18th November Knysna Golf Club hosted the final PGA Pro Am for the year sponsored again by Knysna Estate Agency. Knysna Estate Agency have been sponsoring this event for the last 5 ... See more

Latest results

Friday 09 November
Comp: 4Ball Alliance

Winners: S Dallas, V Leach, G Tuschardt & B Palframan 89pts
Runners-up: K du Toit, E Pain, B Pain & N Hanworth 88pts
3rd ...
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Weekly results

Friday 31 August
Comp: IBS

Winner: Carina Procter 23pts
Runner-up: Barend Botha 22pts
3rd Place: Willie Maree 22pts
4th Place: Gerrit Roelofse ...
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Weekly results

Saturday 28 July
Comp: 4BBB Stableford

Winners: Dave Meyer & Peter Leibbrandt 49pts
Runners-up: Steve Twycross & Anthony McMahon 48pts
3rd Place: Daan Koen & Gansen ...
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Friday 23 March - Comp: IBS
Winner: Mike Mitchley, 23pts
Runner-up: Omar Essa, 22pts
3rd Place: Chris Burger, 22pts
4th Place: Hendri van der Merwe, 21pts
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Thursday 22 March - Ladies Comp: IBS
A-Div Winner: Elaine Pain, 35pts
A-Div Runner-up: Sunet Venter, 34pts
A-Div 3rd Place: Tanya Lightley, 33pts

B-Div Winner: Margret ...
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The best value route to better golf is to put new grips on your current clubs, a practice often overlooked by the majority of golfers. The advice is to regrip your clubs once a year or every 40 ... See more