Weekly results

Friday 17 May
Comp: IBS

Winner: Janis Kockott, 21pts
Runner-up: Ronald Freebury, 21pts
3rd Place: Wikus Nienaber, 19pts
4th Place: Suzette du Preez, 18pts

Saturday ...
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The biggest group of our golfers should be using every advantage there is to make ball striking easier.

Weekly results

Friday 10 May
Comp: IBS

Winner: Wikus Nienaber, 18pts
Runner-up: Glen Moller, 18pts
3rd Place: Vincent Windvogel, 18pts
4th Place: Johan Greeff, 18pts

Saturday 11 ...
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If your handicap is between 10 and about 15 to 18, then use technology to change your magic number.

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